Lynette Rice
April 09, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Will your favorite show get the boot this season?

That hissing you hear is the sound of first-year TV series fizzling. Here are the shows that are ”on the bubble,” and their chances of getting axed by fall.

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (Fox, average 6.3 million viewers) Another low-rated but acclaimed Fox show (Undeclared!). CHANCE OF GETTING AXED — 50%

IT’S ALL RELATIVE (ABC, 8.6 million) Groundbreaking comedy about gay parents relies on easy homo yuks. CHANCE OF GETTING AXED — 33%

TRU CALLING (Fox, 4.5 million) Time-traveling do-gooder Eliza Dushku displays half the charisma she had on Buffy. CHANCE OF GETTING AXED — 50%

I’M WITH HER (ABC, 8.1 million) Comedy inspired by Brooke Shields’ marriage is about as funny as Suddenly Susan. CHANCE OF GETTING AXED — 75%

WHOOPI (NBC, 7.9 million) Where do we start? How ’bout the one where Whoopi said EW is only good for wiping butts? CHANCE OF GETTING AXED — 50%

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