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April 16, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

10 things EW loves: Week of April 16, 2004

1 FREAKS AND GEEKS On DVD at last: all 18 episodes of the short-lived NBC show about the horrors of high school. In a perfect world we’d be waiting for season 2…

2 HOWLING AT THE MOON, BY WALTER YETNIKOFF The incredible rise and fall (and monumental partying) of the former CBS Records prez.

3 THE CHARACTER DESIGN from ‘HELLBOY’ A blood-red beastie and a robotic Nazi assassin! The movie may lack a plot, but Rick Baker’s eye-popping visions sure make it fun to watch.

4 ESPN’s ‘PARDON THE INTERRUPTION’ The ML knows a good sports show when it sees one: Tony and Mike turn jock chat into Blab Fab.

5 DJ TONY ON ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ What would our Ellen do without the cute and hip Tony Okungbowa? Shake her booty to lame talk-show-band covers of lame Top 40 tunes, that’s what!

6 ILLMATIC, Nas The debut CD from the real king of Queens who helped revive NYC rap is remastered in a slammin’ 10th-anniversary edition with a second disc of remixes and new tracks.

7 ‘THE LADYKILLERS’ Soundtrack T-Bone Burnett, the Coen bros.’ favorite producer, is back to work his magic on gospel, R&B, and hip-hop.

8 BOSTON ROB ON ‘SURVIVOR’ Behold the power of a mosquito-bitten hottie named Amber: An arrogant jock turns into an improbably compelling romantic hero.

9 POP-UP BUGS Given the ML’s history of supporting all endeavors that combine art, poetry, and entomology, how could we not include this colorful, rhyming book filled with giant 3-D creepy crawlers?

10 SOUTH PARK ”The Passion of the Jew”? A very Special Olympics? Catch the eighth season of Comedy Central’s outrageous cartoon in all its un-PC brilliance.

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