Alynda Wheat
April 16, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

What with the jailhouse jaunts, the wife in rehab, and the mama drama with his ex-girlfriend, Bobby Brown’s life seems more tailored for reality TV than reality, so who can blame the ”singer” for trying to develop his own TV gig with wife Whitney Houston? No network is attached yet, but Bobby’s last month seems perfect for a Fox special. Or Court TV.

Feb. 27

Probation violation! Bobby gets 60-day jail sentence in Georgia for prior DUI arrest.

March 15

Whitney checks into rehab; Bobby’s still incarcerated.

March 20

Whitney reportedly changes rehab facilities while Bobby is, er, detained. She’s seen grooving at the Ladies First Tour show in Atlanta days later.

March 24

Released 3/22 from a Georgia jail, Bobby says he’s too broke to pay support for kids living in Massachusetts.

March 25

Saved! Bobby finds cash (reportedly not Whitney’s) and promises to set up financial trusts to benefit kids by his ex.

March 29

Bobby takes family (and film crew) to Atlanta eatery to nosh on steak and lobster for reality series. Take that, Osbournes!

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