The Olsen twins movies you should rent |


The Olsen twins movies you should rent

In honor of the Olsen twins' new movie ''New York Minute'' (May 6), we name their 10 best and worst films on DVD and video

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The Olsen twins movies you should rent

Why do we love the films of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? Is it the top-notch acting? (Uh…) The masterful scripts? (Um, no…) Whatever it is, the twins’ mostly female fans are anxiously awaiting the May 7 release of ”New York Minute,” the duo’s first movie in nine years to play in theaters. In keeping with their time-honored formula, the Olsens play opposites in this urban romp: Mary-Kate’s a truant rock rebel, and Ashley’s an uptight overachiever.

To help you prep for the movie (and the twins’ 18th birthday, on June 13), we bravely held an all-Olsen film festival of the mainly straight-to-video confections that made them famous before they became billionaire mini-moguls with books, clothing, videogames, makeup, and dolls. Read on for our up-to-the-”Minute” list of the 10 flicks that do, and don’t, deserve your rental fees….