EW Staff
April 19, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Why we love Mary-Kate and Ashley’s ”It Takes Two”

PREDICAMENT Twins separated at birth — one in an orphanage, the other a mansion — meet by accident. À la ”The Parent Trap,” the girls switch places to stop Dad from marrying his shrewish fiancée.

MARY-KATE PLAYS Amanda Lemmon, a tomboy who’s just fine being an orphan, thank you very much

ASHLEY PLAYS Alyssa Callaway, the prissy daughter of tycoon Roger (Steve Guttenberg — remember him?)

FASHION STATEMENT Amanda works the overalls-and-baseball-cap look; Alyssa’s wardrobe consists mostly of garments covered in bows.

WHY WE LOVE IT In addition to the great chemistry among cast members (including Kirstie Alley), this charming rags-to-riches tale has a happy ending — and we’re not just talking about the $19.5 million the film raked in.


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