Shrek 2 is a summer movie we can't wait to see |


Shrek 2 is a summer movie we can't wait to see


Shrek 2

(Shrek: Dreamworks)

Shrek 2 is a summer movie we can’t wait to see


WHY WE CAN’T WAIT We still haven’t gotten ogre how much the first ”Shrek” made us laugh.

THE PREMISE Now that Shrek (pictured, played by Mike Myers) has married Fiona (Cameron Diaz), it’s time for him to emulate Ben Stiller and meet the parents (John Cleese and Julie Andrews), royals in a Beverly Hills-like kingdom called Far, Far Away. They’re less than thrilled.

SOURCE The 2001 ‘toon triumph, based on William Steig’s children’s book

THE BACK STORY To keep Myers, Diaz, and Eddie Murphy (Donkey) on board, DreamWorks cochief Jeffrey Katzenberg upped their salaries to $10 million apiece, a record for animated voice work. ”They deserve every single penny,” he told the Wall Street Journal.

BURNING QUESTION Are there enough fairy tales left to fracture for 2007’s ”Shrek 3”?

COME FOR More pop-culture parodies from Myers, Diaz, and Murphy

STAY FOR Antonio Banderas, in full Zorro mode, as feline swashbuckler (and scene stealer) Puss-in-Boots