White Chicks: Joe Lederer
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April 21, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

White Chicks

Current Status
In Season
105 minutes
Wide Release Date
Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Rochelle Aytes, Brittany Daniel, James King, Busy Philipps
Keenen Ivory Wayans
Columbia Pictures
Keenen Ivory Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans
Comedy, ActionAdventure

We gave it a C+

Spending five hours a day in makeup and wardrobe to transform himself into a white woman posed some unique occupational hazards for star Marlon Wayans (”The Ladykillers”). ”There’s nothing enjoyable about doing a ‘tuck-back’ every morning,” he laments on the delicate process of keeping his, uh, twig and berries out of sight. ”I didn’t want ‘mammal toe”’ — the male version of camel toe, we can only assume — ”so I did a tuck-back.” Wayans plays Marcus Copeland, an undercover FBI agent posing as Tiffany, one of the titular chicks. Brother Shawn is Kevin, who poses as Tiff’s sister, Brittany; the pair infiltrate the Hamptons debutante scene in order to uncover a kidnapping ring.

Wardrobe considerations aside, Wayans — who cowrote the screenplay with siblings Shawn and Keenen Ivory, who also directs — thinks the comedic possibilities of portraying spoiled heiresses called the Wilson sisters are endless. ”It’s like ‘Some Like It Hot’ meets ‘The Nutty Professor,”’ says Marlon, who also cites the tabloidtastic Hilton sisters and Barbara Kopple’s 2002 documentary ”The Hamptons” as inspirations. ”We thought this would be a new way to flip the genre and bring our flavor to that kind of situational comedy. And who else better to do it than me and my crazy brothers?” Busy Philipps (”Dawson’s Creek”), who plays a member of the sisters’ stuck-up posse, couldn’t agree more: ”[The Wayanses] speak in a shorthand with each other,” she says. ”It was very much the way I imagine a sitcom would work, because they’re so comfortable with each other.” Comfortable enough to thoroughly explore their feminine sides. ”As a black dude, I’m all right — I ain’t no Denzel, I’m not a stud,” says Marlon. ”But as a white woman, I’m pretty damn sexy.”

THE GOOD NEWS Who doesn’t love a send-up of the filthy rich?

THE BAD NEWS After ”Saturday Night Live”’s relentless Paris-bashing, is there really anything left to spoof?

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