Ken Tucker, Dan Snierson, Lynette Rice, Josh Wolk, Jeff Jensen, and Nicholas Fonseca
April 23, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

We forecast the finales to your favorite shows


Relax, we’re not dumb enough to give away the finales, but the following article does contain plot revelations about upcoming episodes of some of your favorite shows. Read at your own risk.


WHERE WE STAND Vaughn (Michael Vartan) learned that his wife, Lauren (Melissa George), moonlights for the nefarious Covenant. Jack (Victor Garber) is prepared to let Sloane (Ron Rifkin) die because of the baddie’s long-ago affair with his ex-wife. But he also knows that Sloane can help solve the Rambaldi riddle of ”the Passenger.”

CRYPTIC CLUES The world’s most dangerous family grows again when Sydney (Jennifer Garner) discovers a mysterious sister (Mia Maestro). And fret not, Lauren haters: She’s headed toward comeuppance. ”Yet the consequence is that Sydney will have to make this incredibly difficult choice,” says exec producer John Eisendrath. ”She can only save one of the two people she cares about most in life.”

WHAT WE’D LIKE TO SEE Sydney chooses — ooh, this is tough — her dad, sending ex-lover Vaughn to his death. But with Sis’ help she assembles a Rambaldi device that transports her back to the moment of decision. This time, she picks Vaughn and lives happily ever after, except for that whole I let my daddy die complex. — Dan Snierson


WHERE WE STAND The romance between Dr. Andy (Treat Williams) and Dr. Linda (Marcia Cross) heated up while Ephram (Gregory Smith) and Madison’s (Sarah Lancaster) fizzled; depressed Amy (Emily VanCamp) still struggles with post-Colin traumatic disorder.

CRYPTIC CLUES ”The best cliff-hanger does two things,” says exec producer Greg Berlanti. ”It refers back to the pilot — so we’re going to see how far Andy has come since his wife’s death — and it does some outta-left-field thing.” Cross and Lancaster leave the series before the finale, so will Andy get closer to lonely neighbor Nina (Stephanie Niznik)? Eventually, says Berlanti. ”But in the finale,” he jokes, ”Andy’ll get closer to Harold!” (That’s Tom Amandes’ rival town doc.)

WHAT WE’D LIKE TO SEE Okay, Greg, go with that: Let Andy and Harold realize their tension is really suppressed attraction! Also, please get Amy off the antidepressants — let’s remember what she and Ephram looked like with grins on their faces. — Ken Tucker


WHERE WE STAND When she hasn’t been talking to God, Joan Girardi (Amber Tamblyn) has been cuddling up with Cupid; she and Adam (Christopher Marquette) become an item. Her mom, Helen (Mary Steenburgen), wrestles with her spirituality while her dad, Will (Joe Mantegna), remains an atheist. Kevin Girardi (Jason Ritter) is now a writer at the Arcadia Star while his younger bro, Luke (Michael Welch), writes love notes to new girlfriend Glynis (Mageina Tovah).

CRYPTIC CLUE Cue Joan Osborne: Our heroine starts to wonder if God really is one of us. ”Joan has a moment of silence where she wonders if it’s real,” says exec producer Barbara Hall. ”Because of her doubts, she contemplates telling someone what has been happening to her.”

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