Dalton Ross
May 07, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Who needs enemies when you have best friends like these? Each week on Kenny vs. Spenny (GSN, Thursdays at 10 p.m.), longtime buddies Kenny Hotz and Spencer ”Spenny” Rice compete in hilarious head-to-head challenges like seeing who can stay awake the longest, who can put on the best concert, and who can score with the ladies. There’s just one hitch — Kenny cheats, Spenny doesn’t. Why does Kenny do it? ”Because I feel like I can win most of the competitions, unless it’s like, who can masturbate more or who’s uglier. So I like to unfurl a diabolical plan.” And why, pray tell, does Spenny put up with such shenanigans? ”The fact is, Kenny’s tremendously insecure, and he knows that if we competed on a fair playing field, he would not win. If you’re gonna have a race between two guys, who wins? The guy who runs fastest, or the guy who takes the sledgehammer to the knee of the other guy?” asks straight-shooting Spenny. ”It’s very simple,” responds his opponent. ”Don’t race if you know you’re running against a guy with a sledgehammer.”

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