Gregory Kirschling
May 07, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

TV It’s alive, alive! Adam Goldberg and Parker Posey are on for the USA net’s Frankenstein, a cop-show-esque update of the horror classic. And Scorsese is exec-producing. Wow.

DVD Quick, what show is this? ”Trust me…I know what I’m doing!” Sledge Hammer! The first season of the genius ’80s ABC cult sitcom starring David Rasche as a nutty detective named Sledge arrives on DVD in July, and the Deal Report, which used to watch it on Saturday nights at the youth center while all the other kids were roller-skating, couldn’t be happier. Neither could Rasche, who watched the show die against Miami Vice, Dallas, and ultimately, Cosby. ”The only people who were watching when we were on Saturday nights were young kids and old people,” he says. ”Our audience started to skew to 5-to 10-year-olds!” Yep, that was the Deal Report! ”I got pictures from kids who were Sledge Hammer for Halloween.” (Mmh, didn’t think of that.) If the DVD does well, Rasche says Sledge might spin off into a feature film. ”I’d be up for it, absolutely.” Us too!

MOVIES Speaking of 1986 — Back to School! MGM wants to remake the Rodney Dangerfield comedy as a vehicle for Cedric the Entertainer. No respect!… And moving on to 1987, 21 Jump Street! Paramount is developing a big-screen version of the Johnny Depp high school cop drama; writers are on it now!

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