Amber: Nathiel Welch/CBS
Dalton Ross
May 08, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT


Strongest Move Bringing a bikini. Then sitting back and letting her boyfriend, Rob, piss everyone off. And then there’s also the cunning way she…um, well, we’re sure she must’ve done something cunning. At some point. In her life.

Weakest Move Well, I guess the former Stuff cover girl could have also brought a thong — just for insurance.

Why She Will Win Her passive don’t-look-at-me-unless-you’re-looking-at-my-hot-bod approach would never win votes from hardcore competitors like Richard, Colby, and Ethan. But then again, they’re not on the jury, so tough noogies for them.

Why She Won’t Win Not exactly a challenge-winning powerhouse. Would anyone besides Boston Rob want to bring such a pleasant, attractive lady to the finals?

what the island gods say ”She certainly grew and evolved as a player since Australia,” says Burnett. ”She’s fit, dynamic, and very smart. But she’s definitely tarred by the brush of Rob.” Probst agrees: ”From where I sit, she is playing the smartest game in that she found the strongest guy, she’s tucked neatly under his arm, and she is making him do all the dirty work.”

ODDS 2-1

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