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''Survivor'' finale draws 25 million viewers

''Survivor'' finale draws 25 million viewers. It's the best finish for the show in two years

Rob Mariano, Amber Brkich, ...

(Amber Brkich and Rob Mariano: Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS)

CBS dominated Sunday night’s primetime schedule with its ”Bachelor”-esque finale of ”Survivor: All-Stars,” in which Amber won both Boston Rob’s hand in marriage and the $1 million jackpot. Early Nielsen numbers show an estimated 24 million people watched the two-hour-plus series finale, while the live reunion show that followed was an even bigger draw, with 25 million. Those are the best numbers for a ”Survivor” finale since the ”Survivor: Marquesas” wrap-up two years and four competitions ago. Next Thursday’s ”All-Star” postscript episode – which will reveal the winner of an audience-favorite vote, and another $1 million prize – will compete with another big finale, the end of ”Frasier,” on NBC. Oh, and CBS is already accepting contestant applications for the fall edition of ”Survivor” on the network’s website.