Jeff Labrecque
May 14, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Big Russ & Me

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We gave it a B+

Defending Baltimore Against Enemy Attack Charles Osgood (Hyperion, $19.95) Irish-American paperboy from middle-class Baltimore grows up during WWII to host CBS’ Sunday Morning. Upbringing Raised on ’40s radio serials, like The Shadow, which taught him ”what evil lurks in the hearts of men.” Journalism 101 ”It was while making those newspaper deliveries, trying to miss the bushes and hit the porch, that I first learned the importance of accuracy in journalism.” Bottom Line Osgood colorfully recalls being 9 in 1942, but your appreciation of his cuteness will not surpass his own. B-

Big Russ & Me Tim Russert (Miramax, $22.95) Irish-American paperboy from working-class Buffalo grows up during the Cold War to host NBC’s Meet the Press. Upbringing Raised on ’50s TV, like Davy Crockett, which taught him ”Be sure you’re right, then go ahead.” Journalism 101 When Russert’s student paper bumped up against the local church bulletin for ad revenue, ”I realized then that our little newspaper was going to have a tough time competing with the media giants.” Bottom Line Russert’s loving portrait of his dad, Big Russ, will inspire you to call home. B+

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