Jennifer Armstrong
May 21, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

We could bemoan the death of smart shows like Fox’s ”Wonderfalls” and reality’s death grip on the network lineups — or we could look on the bright side and remember all the important lessons this TV season taught us. Here, a recap of what we learned:

AMERICAN IDOL Singing covers of Gloria Estefan (right), Elton John, and Barry Manilow is surprisingly hard.

DEADWOOD The Old West was full of motherf — -ing c — – suckers (right).

THE APPRENTICE, SURVIVOR: ALL-STARS Flirting gets you everywhere.

EXTREME MAKEOVER Blond highlights can help counteract redness in the skin.

ALIAS The CIA is able to track people down by reading their brain waves via satellite.

PIMP MY RIDE Every car can use a TV built into it — somewhere.

AVERAGE JOE Surprise: Hot girls like hot guys.

THE RESTAURANT (LEFT) Running an eatery is really hard, especially if you have a cookbook to promote and women to hit on.

SCRUBS (LEFT) Turns out it is possible to feel bad for Tara Reid.

FRIENDS FINALE HYPE Guess we were more sick of Friends than we realized.

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, THE MISS USA PAGEANT Pretty girls from Missouri are all named Shandi.

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