Gary Susman
May 24, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”Shrek 2”’s box office victory was a foregone conclusion; the only question was: Just how much green would the ogre gross? Answer: $104.3 million over the weekend, according to studio estimates, and $125.3 million total since it opened last Wednesday. That fairy-tale opening, on an unprecedented 4,163 screens, set a number of records, giving the sequel the biggest five-day opening ever (ringing up slightly more than ”The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”’s $124.1 million), the biggest opening weekend ever for an animated movie (far out-netting ”Finding Nemo”’s $70 million), and the biggest single day of business ever on Saturday, earning $44.8 million, beating ”Spider-Man,” which ensnared $43.6 million on its second day of release.

Last week’s box office victor, ”Troy,” was brought to heel on receipts of $23.8 million, a drop of about half from last week’s take. Third-place ”Van Helsing” scared up another $10.1 million, another 50 percent drop, and just barely cracked the $100 million mark after its third weekend in release. Rounding out the top five were ”Mean Girls” ($6.9 million) and ”Man on Fire” ($3.5 million). Meanwhile, Morgan Spurlock’s documentary ”Super Size Me,” about his 30-day all-McDonald’s diet, broke into the top 10 in 10th place, grossing $953,400. It’s good for theater owners that ”Super Size Me” is selling tickets; we bet they’re not selling too much popcorn or nachos wherever this movie is playing.

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