Courtney Love: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images/NewsCOm
Gary Susman
May 26, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Courtney Love, who once sang, ”I made my bed, I’ll lie in it,” pleaded guilty Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court to a misdemeanor charge of being under the influence of cocaine and other opiates, according to wire service reports. Under the terms of her plea deal, the 39-year-old rocker will likely be ordered to enter an outpatient rehab program in lieu of jail time. ”This is a really good expense of the taxpayer’s money,” a smiling Love told reporters outside the courthouse, according to E! Online.

Assistant district attorney Jerry Baik told the press that the rehab program would last for several months, after which Love could petition to have the case against her dismissed, but if she fails to fulfill the program’s requirements or tests positive for drugs, she faces a possible 90 days in jail. Sentencing takes place July 16.

The charge stems from an incident last fall in which Love allegedly tried to break into ex-boyfriend/manager Jim Barber’s house. An accompanying disorderly conduct charge against her would likely be dropped, Baik says. Love still faces criminal charges in two other cases, however. One is a felony drug possession charge stemming from her alleged overdose that same October day, a charge that could land her behind bars for three years and eight months. (Love’s lawyer has claimed she can produce prescriptions for the drugs in question.) In the other case, in which Love is accused of injuring a club patron with a microphone stand during a March performance in New York, she was arraigned earlier this month on charges of assault and reckless endangerment. Love has pleaded not guilty to those charges as well.

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