Britney Spears: Tony Barson/
Gary Susman
June 01, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

China wants Britney Spears to clean up her act. The singer is scheduled to bring her Onyx Hotel Tour to Shanghai and Beijing later this year, but already, she’s getting warnings from the Chinese government that she’d better not reveal too much flesh, according to a report from the China News Service. ”Relevant departments will carry out strict reviews of Britney Spears’s performance clothing,” the report said, citing government cultural officials. ”Every aspect of her tour will have to undergo examination and approval. That especially goes for the clothes she’ll be wearing. The requirement is that they don’t show too much.”

It’s not clear how the edict will be enforced or how she might be penalized if she violates it. She may even decide that it’s not worth the bureaucratic hassle to perform there, as the Rolling Stones did last year when they abandoned plans to play in China. On the other hand, Mariah Carey sang in Shanghai last year, telling reporters in a pre-performance press conference, ”If its raining or its cold I’ll still be in the same skimpy outfits that I would wear if it’s hot.” In fact, she was photographed performing in a low-cut bikini top and a miniskirt slit all the way up to her hip — apparently, without any objection from the government.

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