Tamyra Gray

The Dreamer (Music - Tamyra Gray)

Genre: R&B; Lead Performer: Tamyra Gray; Producer (group): 19 Records

On ”American Idol”’s first season, Tamyra Gray won praise that included words like ”Whitney” and ”Mariah.” And, in fact, the crystal-voiced singer lets loose with the best of them, especially on The Dreamer’s strongest songs, the lush ”Raindrops Will Fall” and ”God Bless the Dreamer.” But while the rest of the disc is solid (Gray wrote almost all the tracks), it doesn’t showcase her voice as strongly as Clay Aiken’s and Kelly Clarkson’s entries did. Bump it up half a grade if you’re an ”Idol” diehard.

Originally posted June 4 2004 — 12:00 AM EDT

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