Joshua Rich
June 04, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

THE HALL OF FAME Mickey Mouse, Kermit the Frog, Charlie Brown, Sherlock Holmes, Bugs Bunny


LEMONY SNICKET Daniel Handler’s popular storyteller should become a film powerhouse with Jim Carrey this December.

KING KONG The ape is climbing back to the top thanks to Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake.

THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE C.S. Lewis’ Narnians are poised to be the new Harry & Co. with Disney’s 2005 movie.


SUPERMAN Batman’s latest got flying before the next Man of Steel could even find a phone booth.

THE HOBBITS Denizens of the Shire await the fate of a discussed big-screen version of ”The Hobbit.”

WOODY AND BUZZ LIGHTYEAR Pity these two children caught in the Pixar-Disney divorce.

CATWOMAN That rare comics character who can attract women. But word on her July movie is — meow! — catty.


LARA CROFT Angelina always looks hot, but the Tomb Raider’s not.

THE HULK Ang Lee’s expensive movie made us angry. A potential sequel must go in a radically different direction.

NEO AND TRINITY A year ago, the ”Matrix” heroes were on top, with nowhere to go but down. And they did.

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