Joan of Arcadia: Cliff Lipson
EW Staff
June 06, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Missed ”Joan of Arcadia”? Here’s how to catch up

WHY YOU MISSED IT Though the series kicked butt in its timeslot, ”Joan”’s target demographic tends to be out on Friday nights.

WHAT YOU MISSED Highlights of the first season of ”Joan” include divine-visitation scenarios, and the slow-blooming romance between Joan (Amber Tamblyn, pictured with Jason Ritter) and Adam (Chris Marquette) — one of the most nuanced and real teen relationships on the tube.

WHO TO WATCH FOR It’s not easy being a teenager when God is bossing you around, but Tamblyn perfectly captures the pouty angst and good intentions of her conflicted character.

WE TOLD YOU SO ”[This is] good TV as a form of divine intervention, telling stories that urge people to look around at the troubles and joys of others.” — Ken Tucker, March 19, 2004

WHY WATCH NOW Even if you swear that you couldn’t get hooked on a drama about a high school student who talks with God, sharp writing, big issues, and the realistic trials of the Girardi family will keep you on the couch during summer Fridays.

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