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Missed ''Las Vegas''? Here's how to catch up

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Josh Duhamel, Vanessa Marcil, ...

(Las Vegas: Chris Haston)

Missed ”Las Vegas”? Here’s how to catch up

WHY YOU MISSED IT In its previous timeslot (Mondays at 9 p.m.), it faced off against ”Everybody Loves Raymond.” And, well, everyone DOES love ”Raymond.”

WHAT YOU MISSED The first season of this over-the-top drama includes a hilarious guest-star roster (Paris Hilton AND Dennis Hopper!) and oversized story lines about hustling, gambling addiction, and lust on the casino floor.

WHO TO WATCH FOR Sexy ex-Marine Danny (Josh Duhamel, pictured with Vanessa Marcil), who gives female fans a straight flush when he shares witty, fast-paced banter with his old-school boss Big Ed (James Caan).

WE TOLD YOU SO ”[The creators] have come up with a winning mix of narrative speediness – every subplot introduced in the first 15 minutes; every outcome foreseen in the first 16 – and embraceable cheese.” – Ken Tucker, April 30, 2004

WHY WATCH NOW The show’s fast-paced peek at a Vegas casino is perfect (and perfectly weightless) summer fun.