Gary Susman
June 08, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Move over, Osbournes; step aside, Ashton Kutcher. MTV has a new slate of celebrity-driven reality shows in development. In an announcement on Monday, the network revealed the all-star lineup, which includes some previously announced shows, including series featuring Cameron Diaz and Frankie Muniz. Other stars headlining new series include Kutcher’s ”That ’70s Show” costar Wilmer Valderrama, Rob Zombie, B2K alumnus Omarion, notorious publicist Lizzie Grubman, former P. Diddy valet Farnsworth Bentley, comic book guru Stan Lee, and Jay-Z. Look for the shows to premiere throughout the 2004-05 TV season.

Diaz’s show, called ”Trippin’,” will feature the ”Shrek 2” star and her famous friends (like ”Charlie’s Angels” costar Drew Barrymore) traveling to exotic locations, where they’ll spotlight local environmental issues. On Muniz’s ”Granted,” the ”Malcolm in the Middle” star and his celebrity pals will offer viewers expert advice or fulfillment of their make-a-wish scenarios. Bentley’s ”Borrow My Crew” will have the butler leading entourages borrowed from other celebs to give ”glam squad” makeovers to viewers. Valderrama’s ”Show and Go” will center on ”Fast & the Furious”-style street racing, done in an apparently legal arena and under the supervision of racing professionals.

Omarion will emulate Casey Kasem on ”Dedicated,” serving up requested music videos accompanied by personal dedications. In ”Who Wants to Be a Superhero,” would-be comic book creators will invent superheroes, dress up as their creations, and compete in games, with the winning character becoming the star of a comic book penned by Marvel Comics legend Lee. Singer-turned-”House of 1000 Corpses” director Zombie will host a horror-themed series called (what else?) ”Zombie Chronicles.” Grubman will show the behind-the-scenes world of celebrity publicists and event planners on ”Power Girls.” And Jay-Z, apparently inspired by the notoriety of Danger Mouse’s mash up of Jay’s ”The Black Album” and the Beatles’ ”White Album,” will bring musicians from different genres together for live performances of their hybrid sonic experiments in ”Ultimate Mash-Ups.”

Finally, MTV has one celebrity-reality catch-all series in development called ”House Arrest,” where a star will be sent home for one week to live with his or her parents and obey their house rules. Please, please, please, let Eminem star on the pilot episode.

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