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Brian Hiatt
June 14, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Five memorable MTV Movie Awards moments

With Johnny Depp snaring best male performance and ”Return of the King” grabbing best picture, you could almost confuse this year’s MTV Movie Awards with the Oscars. Almost. Until you notice that ”50 First Dates” and ”Bad Boys 2” are mysteriously nominated in every category, and that the host is not, in fact, Billy Crystal — although Lindsay Lohan was every bit as hammy. For those afflicted with ”First Dates”-style amnesia, a recap follows:

1. Lindsay and Jimmy’s dance party
This might be a real stretch, but does anyone get the sense that Lohan might — just possibly — want to be really, really famous? Not content to compete with Hilary Duff, the ”Mean Girls” star went after Britney with an out-of-nowhere attempt at sultry hip-hop dance moves, aided by short-shorts and former B2K singer Omarion. More entertaining, though, was Jimmy Fallon’s own dance routine, a supposed attempt to defend Caucasians’ footwork after a diss from Queen Latifah. In the span of 20 seconds, Fallon did the robot, mimed said robot eating a sandwich, and humped the floor. Now THAT’S sexy.

2. Ron Burgundy’s Hollywood
Burgundy, Will Ferrell’s smarmy TV journalist character from the upcoming ”Anchorman,” turns out to be a celebrity interviewer on par with, well, Jiminy Glick. ”My first question is: ‘You are electrifying,”’ Burgundy says to Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. Burgundy also mistakes ”Passion of the Christ” star Jim Caviezel for the actual Savior, and thinks Mel Gibson is controversial because of the psychic powers that let him know what women want.

3. Axl Mathers
Why were Slim Shady and his ”band,” D12, dressed up as Guns ‘N Roses (a version of the band with both Slash and Buckethead, no less)? Who knows. But it was random enough to be funny, even with the camera panning away from Em’s full moon at the end. Still, costumes aside, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ understated, yearning version of ”Maps” was the evening’s musical highlight — even if the bass-less threesome looked like they were performing in the middle of a Cure video.

4. The Troll, a.k.a. Frank
The little person dressed as a scaly green monster, complete with lizard-like tail, was creepy while he lurked in a cage beneath the podium. But then the tiny guy emerged from the cage holding a lunchbox, and literally punched out his timecard for the evening. ”Thanks Frank. I’ll see you at the afterparty,” said Lohan, whom the gossip columns will probably have romantically linked to the creature by next week.

5. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler: ”Just say yes”
Accepting the award for best onscreen duo for ”First Dates,” Barrymore and Sandler suddenly sounded like they were in Cypress Hill. Yes, boys and girls, the word that MTV kept bleeping was ”weed.” Which we’re shocked — shocked! — to discover that Adam may have tried.

What do you think were the most memorable moments of the night?

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