Gary Susman
June 15, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Has Courtney Love been upstaged by her offstage performances? That’s how it looks now that Love has essentially postponed her tour that was to have begun on June 18, Billboard reports. The obvious reason would seem to be the many court dates she has pending in Los Angeles and New York, including one for an assault charge on which she was booked Friday, though that’s not the reason given by her camp, according to MTV News. ”Due to legal reasons, not necessarily the latest charge, her lawyers have advised her to delay the tour,” Love’s spokesperson Jill Fritzo told MTV.

”Delay” may be a generous spin on the situation. According to Ticketmaster’s website, 11 out of 21 Love dates have been not merely postponed but canceled. Another date not listed at Ticketmaster, a show in New York’s Central Park, has also been canceled. Fritzo insists, however, that the shows will be rescheduled. ”We are working on new dates now,” she told MTV.

Had it gone on as scheduled, Love’s tour, in support of her ”America’s Sweetheart” CD, would have been interrupted several times for court appearances. On June 28, she’s due in New York regarding an earlier assault charge stemming from a March performance where a fan was allegedly hit by a microphone stand Love tossed from the stage. (Love has pleaded not guilty to that charge.) She’s due to be arraigned in Los Angeles on July 9 for the more recent assault case, resulting from a complaint by a woman who says Love attacked her with a flashlight and a bottle, a charge to which Love’s lawyer says she’ll plead not guilty. On July 15, she faces a pretrial hearing in Beverly Hills on charges of possessing painkillers without a prescription, a charge she has also denied. And on July 16, she’s due for sentencing after having pleaded guilty in Los Angeles to charges of being under the influence of a controlled substance last October on the night she allegedly tried to break into former boyfriend and manager Jim Barber’s house. Love is expected to be ordered to undergo rehab; maybe after that, she’ll have time to tour again.

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