Jessica Simpson: Craig Sjodin
Ken Tucker
June 18, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

And Jessica Simpson is a big star because…?

Ken, as someone with daughters in the target market who might know: Why is Jessica Simpson popular? Is she one of those famous-for-being-famous people, like a modern-day Zsa Zsa Gabor? — Hanneh Kalysouf
I’ve just collared the nearest offspring, and I quote: ”She’s funny, she’s pretty, and maybe she’s dumb, but she seems nice.” Your astute Zsa Zsa comparison went over her head, but I think it’s perfect. Simpson had a big career in pop music before her mainstream MTV success. For most people, though, she’s like Zsa Zsa and her sister Eva were 40 years ago: glossy blondes who came on like bubbleheads, but were shrewd about celebrity. Which in turn sparks an idea: Why are Jessica and hubby Nick Lachey reviving the network variety show when they should be remaking ”Green Acres”?

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