Jennifer Armstrong
June 18, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

It’s been a whole year since we’ve seen the moody brooders of HBO’s ”Six Feet Under” — so revive your memories with this family recap of last season’s bitter end.

RUTH (Frances Conroy) Did some serious nuzzling with creepy funeral-home intern Arthur, then encountered six-times-wed George at a funeral, cried on his shoulder, and married him within a few weeks.

NATE (Peter Krause) Neglected his kid and slept with a bar floozy before learning that missing wife Lisa had been found dead; ended up on the doorstep of ex-fiancee Brenda just after her date with her hottie neighbor.

DAVID (Michael C. Hall) Indulged in his seasonal breakup with boyfriend Keith after getting in the middle of a family squabble at Keith’s parents’ place; showed signs of seasonal reconciliation by the finale.

CLAIRE (Lauren Ambrose) Broke up with art-school boyfriend Russell after finding out he slept with their male teacher; discovered she was pregnant with Russell’s child and got an abortion without clueing him in.

RICO (Freddy Rodriguez) Hit a strip club to escape wife Vanessa’s spiraling depression and her annoying live-in sister Angelica; got some parking-lot action there from a dancer named Infinity.

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