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June 18, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

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Anderson, Shedrack
Rudy in the Christmas 2004’s ”Fat Albert” flick

Anderson, Wes
Hollywood’s geek-chic director

‘Anna Karenina’
New translation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel

‘Apple, The’
DVD of the 1980 musical movie

Arnett, Will
”Arrested Development”’s wacky magician

Bale, Christian

The new Batman!

Banks, Tyra
Creator of UPN’s ”America’s Next Top Model”

Bathing Ape, A
Supertrendy clothing line

Blake, James Carlos
Author who created the bank-robbing Handsome Harry

Blanchett, Cate
Versatile actress set to be the next Meryl Streep

Braff, Zach

Writer/director/star of the flick ”Garden State”


Grammy-winning singer set to release her fourth album

Burnett, Mark
Creator of ”Survivor” and ”The Apprentice”

Clarke, Melinda

Julie Cooper on Fox’s guilty pleasure, ”The O.C”

Close, Eric
A star of CBS’s missing-persons thriller ”Without a Trace”

Cure, The
Moody rockers touring with the Curiosa Festival

The definitive nighttime soap on DVD

Danger Mouse
DJ behind the Beatles/Jay-Z fusion ”The Grey Album”

HBO’s gritty western

Diddy, P.
Hip-hop mogul debuting in Broadway’s ”Raisin”

Sundance Prize-winning rockumentary

Donovan, Tate

Jimmy Cooper on Fox’s ”The O.C.”

Dratch, Rachel
Cowriter of the Debbie Downer skit on ”SNL”

Canceled show resurrected as a miniseries

Feldshuh, Tovah
One-woman wonder in Broadway’s ”Golda’s Balcony”

Ferrell, Will
Everyone’s favorite ”SNL” alum

Franz Ferdinand
Glaswegian quartet whose debut album sparked a bidding war

Frazier, Aaron
Weird Harold in Christmas 2004’s ”Fat Albert” flick

‘Freaks and Geeks’
A new DVD set of the fan-favorite show

Pilates, dance, and yoga fused into one workout

Gallagher, Peter

Public defender/coolest dad on Fox’s ”The O.C.”

Grace, Topher
Star of ”That ’70s Show”

Gray, Tamyra
”American Idol” semifinalist with a debut album

Green Day
Band that paved the way for acts like blink-182

Greer, Andrew Sean
Author of the romantic novel ”The Confessions of Max Tivoli”

Harvey, PJ
Rocker who wrote, performed, and produced her latest album

Houston, Marques
Dumb Donald in Christmas 2004’s ”Fat Albert” flick

Howard, Bryce Dallas

Ron Howard’s daughter and a star of ”The Village”

Idle, Eric
Creator of a Broadway-bound ”Monty Python” parody

Jean-Baptiste, Marianne
A gutsy FBI agent on TV’s ”Without a Trace”

Johansson, Scarlett
Couture’s new Hollywood muse/model

Dancing in clown makeup and rainbow Afro wigs

‘L Word, The’
Showtime’s seductive hit show

Lancaster, Sarah
TV chameleon who sexed up ”Everwood”

LaPaglia, Anthony
Award-winning star of ”Without a Trace”

Law, Jude
2004’s hardest-working A-lister

Ledger, Heath
Star of a taboo-busting film about gay cowboys

Lightman, Toby
Singer/songwriter with spunk

Linklater, Richard
Maverick director of ”Before Sunset”

Locklear, Heather
TV vixen back with NBC’s ”LAX” this fall

Lohan, Lindsay

Teenage actress holding court in Hollywood

Long, Matt
Star of the upcoming WB drama ”Jack & Bobby”

‘Lord of the Rings, The’
Four-disc DVD due out at Christmas

‘Manchurian Candidate’
1962 political thriller

Mantello, Joe
Tony-winning Broadway director

Maritime Hotel
NYC hotel whose must-sleepers include Daryl Hannah and Tyson Beckford

McAuley, Alphonso
Bucky in Christmas 2004’s ”Fat Albert” flick

Meltzer, Brad
Author of the highly anticipated comic book ”Identity Crisis”

Method Man
Rapper/actor with a new album, movie, and TV show

Modest Mouse

Indie-rock band behind the hit single ”Float On”

Molina, Alfred

Broadway and ”Spider-Man 2” star

Montgomery, Poppy
”Without a Trace” star who next plays Marilyn Monroe

Moore, Julianne
Respected actress carrying her first thriller, ”The Forgotten”

Moreno, Catalina Sandino
Sundance breakout and star of ”Maria Full of Grace”

Movie Dolls
Playthings for film fans

Mullally, Megan
‘Will & Grace” scene stealer

Murciano, Enrique
”Without a Trace” actor whose next role is in ”Miss Congeniality 2”

Murphy, Brittany
Star of August’s romantic comedy ”Little Black Book”

Murphy, Charlie
Eddie’s big brother and ”Chappelle’s Show” breakout

Murray, Chad Michael

Eye candy on The WB’s ”One Tree Hill”

N, The
Cable channel that reruns teen-angst classics

Neil, Bill
Creator of creepy film teasers

F/X’s extreme show about plastic surgery

‘Open Water’
Low-budget horror-flick hit at Sundance

Parker, Mary-Louise
Actress making waves on Broadway and cable

Payne, Alexander
Director of dark, funny films

Perrotta, Tom
Author of the well-reviewed ”Little Children”

‘Persepolis 2’
A new graphic novel from Marjane Satrapi

Philbin, Regis
Broadcasting master who’s gone soft with new cohost

Phillips, Arianne
Costumer for Madonna’s Re-Invention Tour

‘Pimp My Ride’
MTV makeover show that blings-out junk cars

Pinkins, Tonya
Broadway star of ”Caroline, or Change”

First-season DVD of the cult show

Probst, Jeff
Host of ”Survivor” for eight seasons

Rashad, Phylicia

First African-American Leading Actress Tony winner

‘Reno 911!’
Season 2 of the ”COPS” parody

Ripa, Kelly
Regis’ sidekick

Ritter, Jason
”Joan of Arcadia”’s paralyzed brother

Roberts, Julia
Crowd-pleaser getting serious with ”Closer”

Roberts, Julie
Bluesy country singer on the rise

Robinson, Keith
Bill in Christmas 2004’s ”Fat Albert” flick

Rossum, Emmy
Opera singer who stars in the upcoming ”Phantom” remake

Rowan, Kelly

Sexy mother Kirsten on ”The O.C.”

Ruffalo, Mark

The good cop in Tom Cruise’s ”Collateral”

Secret Machines, The
Trio that sounds like Pink Floyd mixed with Radiohead

Siegfried & Roy
The animated stars of NBC’s “Father of the Pride”

Sony PlayStation Portable
Handheld console that was the hit of the Electronic Expo

Spader, James
Actor who saved the flagging ”Practice”

‘Star Wars’
The franchise on DVD — finally

Sunset Marquis
LA’s hotel refuge for rockers and celebs

‘Super Size Me’
Much-talked-about fast-food exposé/documentary

Teutul, Paul, Jr.
The son on Discovery Channel’s ”American Choppers”

Teutul, Paul, Sr.
The dad on Discovery Channel’s ”American Choppers”

Thompson, Kenan
The title character in Christmas 2004’s ”Fat Albert” flick

Tracy, P.J.
Pseudonym for mother-daughter authors of best-selling murder mysteries

Trump, Donald
Millionaire, TV star, and hairstyle trendsetter


R&B star behind the record-breaking ”Confessions”

Weisman, Kevin
”Alias”’ awkward gizmo geek

West, Dominic
Julianne Moore’s leading man in ”The Forgotten”

Westwood, Vivienne
Designer who practically invented British couture

Williams, Jermaine
Mush Mouth in Christmas 2004’s ”Fat Albert” flick

Wilson, Patrick
Broadway star in December’s big-screen version of ”Phantom”

Winslet, Kate
Actress who brightened up ”Eternal Sunshine”

Witherspoon, Reese
Star of September’s ”Vanity Fair”

Yezzi, David
Poet who rhymes about Julia Child

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