Two schmos better than one? Discuss |


Two schmos better than one? Discuss

Are two schmos better than one? Post your thoughts about the second season of Spike TV's reality show parody, ''Joe Schmo 2''

Joe Schmo 2

(Joe Schmo 2: Janet Van Ham)

Two schmos better than one? Discuss

After fooling one schmo with last season’s reality TV parody, the producers of ”Joe Schmo 2” offer double trouble this summer. Tim Walsh (right, with ”Piper”) and Ingrid Wiese both think they’re on a dating show called ”Last Chance for Love,” but we know they’re surrounded by actors who use reality show clichés to fool the couple into believing everything is real. Are the two new schmos better than last season’s Matt Gould? Is there any character from Season 1 you’d like to see back for another round? And what about the host’s makeover? Post your thoughts here.