EW Staff
June 25, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

AGE 31
MUSTWORTHINESS Easily taking the prize as 2004’s Hardest-Working Man in Show Business, Law, with at least six movies due in the next year, still manages to be bloody charming — and look pretty good, too. In ”Closer,” he forms one side of a love square for director Mike Nichols. ”I play a sort of wannabe tragic writer, sort of like Fitzgerald, who kind of becomes the part that he’s trying to write…. He’s not a bundle of laughs!”
GOD HELP THE QUEEN ”We were shooting at [London’s] Drury Lane Theatre, and our greenroom was in the royal box and royal antechambers. So we had a lot of fun living it up in the queen’s chambers.”
ON JULIA CALLING HIM ”ELEGANT” ”Oh my God! That’s hilarious! That’s hilarious! I’ve never thought of myself as that.”
WORST JOB ”I had to give out newspapers when I was a kid. Some company would deliver a huge stack and if I didn’t get rid of them then I didn’t get paid. So I ended up kind of dumping piles of them into canals!”
NEXT ”Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” (Sept. 17), ”The Aviator” (Dec. 17), and voicing Lemony Snicket in ”Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events” (Dec. 17).

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