EW Staff
June 25, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

AGE 33
MUSTWORTHINESS He breathes adorably awkward life into ”Alias”’ gizmo geek Marshall, a character only slightly less frenetic than the fun and funky actor portraying him.
DOES HE SPEAK GEEK? ”I know more than Victor Garber,” insists Weisman. ”He claims he doesn’t know anything that’s going on. I often have to read the script more than once. But a lot of times I’ll just thumb through to my scenes, which makes it a very short read. I could literally read it in one trip to the bathroom.”
ON HIS MUST LIST ”Denzel never disappoints. Always riveting. And great teeth. Seriously, someone get me the name of his dentist.”
A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL ”’The Sopranos’ rocks, even though it’s on the same time as ‘Alias.’ I guess that’s what TiVo’s for. I love my TiVo. In fact, I would marry TiVo if President Bush would allow it.”
WORST JOB ”I was substituting at the Samuel Goldwyn Foundation Children’s Center, the school for the children of famous Hollywood types, and this kid reached in his pants and wiped [poop] on the wall,” Weisman says. ”I thought the job would help my career. Instead, I was wiping [poop] from the wall.”
NEXT Season 4 of ”Alias,” and a CD from his band Trainwreck.

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