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Billy Bob Thornton

Even little old ladies love Billy Bob Thornton’s twisted ”Bad Santa.” And now, with the unrated 100-minute ”Badder Santa” on the DVD, there’s more to love.

Really? Grannies on the street tell you they dig Bad Santa?
Isn’t that nuts? And here’s the weird thing, and I feel a little strange about this: Little kids come up to me and say it.

How’d you pull off such a go-for-broke performance? In another interview you said you were drunk a lot of the time.
Uh, well, I tell the European press that. [Laughs] What’s the movie’s best dirty line? I think everybody loves ”F – - me, Santa!” and I’m on the same bandwagon.

According to the Internet Movie Database, the movie has 147 f – -s. A Christmas-movie record?
Oh, sure. It may be a record for any movie. Except for maybe – what’s the crime thing with Al Pacino? – ”Scarface”! ”Scarface” and ”Bad Santa” are probably neck and neck.