Allyssa Lee
June 25, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Dawson's Creek: The Complete Third Season

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We gave it a B-

The season after creator Kevin Williamson left the precocious WB series is uneven at best — ”There are things that I just look back at, and frankly I cringe a little bit,” admits exec producer Paul Stupin in his commentary on Dawson’s Creek: The Complete Third Season. Bigheaded Dawson (Van Der Beek) goes slumming with temptress/stripper/Jen’s half sister, Eve (Brittany Daniel); Andie (Meredith Monroe) is released from the mental ward and filches a copy of the PSATs; sardonic Jen (Michelle Williams) gets steamrolled by an earnest freshman’s affections; Jack (Kerr Smith) meets a boy. Luckily for the viewers (and the show), junior year at Capeside also introduces the unlikely romance between smart aleck Pacey and girl-down-the-creek Joey: The talented Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes convincingly forge their bickering banter into something that supposed soul mates Dawson and Joey, in all their hyperanalytic self-awareness, couldn’t — real heart. The scanty EXTRAS include only audio commentary from Stupin and Smith and a hohum interactive tour of Capeside.

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