Jamie Reno
June 25, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Remember back in 2001 when a mail scare made the band Anthrax suddenly seem oh-so-unfortunately named? A similar misfortune may have befallen Polish death-metal band Decapitated, who just canceled their U.S. summer tour. Their label, Earache, says the decision was partly a matter of taste. ”We’ve received e-mails from people… connecting the band’s name to [Nick Berg’s] murder in Iraq,” says a rep. But the band’s U.S. agent, John Finberg, claims the real reason for the plug pull is money. ”It had nothing to do with decapitation in Iraq,” he insists. ”The label and the band had disagreements about funding the tour.” Either way, this can’t be good news for the band slated to open for Decapitated: Cattle Decapitation.

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