EW Staff
June 25, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

AGE 26

MUSTWORTHINESS Dynasty had the catfights, Knots Landing cornered suburban ennui, but Dallas remains the definitive nighttime soap opera. For 14 years, audiences shoved off weekend revelry to watch the conniving Ewings of Southfork; on Aug. 24, the first two seasons will premiere on DVD. ”It was the epitome of the ’80s,” says Linda Gray, who portrayed bitchy boozehound Sue Ellen Ewing. ”It was the perfect escape. Fashion, sex, greed, avarice, business…we had it all!”

ON THE DVD SOAPnet’s recent reunion special and commentary from stars including Larry Hagman and (yay!) Charlene Tilton; though Gray admits, ”Larry and Patrick [Duffy] and I see each other all the time. We had lunch in Santa Monica a month ago and the paparazzi were still following us!”

SOAP DISHDallas was smart and the writing was interesting,” says Gray. ”Everything is so dumbed down these days. I’m more into HBO right now.”

NEXT A reunion on CBS next season.

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