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June 25, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

MUSTWORTHINESS He’s become the most unlikely face — and hairstyle — to rule prime-time TV, courtesy of ”The Apprentice.”
BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION ABOUT HIM ”I think ‘The Apprentice’ has solved the misconception. Everybody thinks I’m a much nicer guy than they used to — from watching me fire people! So imagine how bad my image must have been before.”
HOW HE’D DO AS A CONTESTANT ON HIS OWN SHOW ”I don’t think I’d do well, because I’m not sure I have the patience.”
NEXT Season 2 of ”The Apprentice.”
MUSTWORTHINESS For creating two of the most critically and commercially successful unscripted entries, ”Survivor” and ”The Apprentice.”
WHAT HE LOVES MOST ABOUT REALITY TV ”The unpredictability. If you’re watching ‘CSI’, Bill Petersen won’t be killed — he’s on the billboard. But Rupert? Well, he might be gone next week.”
HOW HE’D DO AS A CONTESTANT ON HIS OWN SHOWS ”On ‘Survivor’ I would do great in the jungle, but I am very outspoken, so I would have trouble stepping back. I think I’d do much better at ‘The Apprentice’, because I love that kind of pressure.”
NEXT His first scripted show, the sitcom ”Commando Nanny,” premieres this fall on The WB.
MUSTWORTHINESS He’s kept uppity contestants in check for eight seasons on ”Survivor.” (And who knew he had that rockin’ bod?)
WHAT HE LOVES MOST ABOUT HIS JOB ”I always wanted to be a lawyer, and I ended up with a job in TV that’s kind of like a lawyer. You’re at a trial, you’re cornering people, and you’re trying to get them to say what you want them to say.”
…AND HATES ”The travel. If we could do it in my backyard, I could roll outta bed, go out on my deck, and say, ‘Survivors, ready — go!’ It would be just golden.”
HOW HE’D DO AS A CONTESTANT ON HIS OWN SHOW ”I play to win, and I don’t like other people making decisions for me. It’s tough to win when you play that way. But I’d sacrifice myself in the game to get Burnett voted off.”
NEXT Season 9 of ”Survivor;” a follow-up to his directorial debut, ”Finder’s Fee.”

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