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June 25, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

MUSTWORTHINESS Although NBC’s critically beloved drama about high school underdogs circa 1980 was canceled circa 2000 after one season, creator Paul Feig and exec producer Judd Apatow cared enough about ”Freaks”’ cult following to create the ultimate treasure: a limited-edition eight-disc set — available only on freaks andgeeks.com for $120 — that includes all 18 episodes, commentaries galore, outtakes, auditions (Linda Cardellini as…”Kim Kelly”?), a bonus script, and a Q&A. It even comes in a McKinley High yearbook full of photos and inscriptions.
WHY SO MUCH STUFF? ”Look, we’re big nerds,” says Feig. ”I love collectible stuff. And let’s give fans something that down the line they can sell and make some money.”
HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL Fans, TV execs, and McKinley teachers (in character!) join in the dishing. As for reuniting the actors, ”it was fun to throw everyone together and watch them laugh and fight,” says Apatow. ”They actually argue on the commentaries. Listen to ‘Tricks and Treats.”’
YEARBOOK MEMORIES ”I wanted it to look like something from 1980,” says Feig. ”The design guys were like, ‘Everything you’re trying to get us to do is stuff we spent years trying to stop doing.’ It’s like, ‘I know, but it’s gotta look kinda s — -ty.”’
NEXT Two books of ”Freaks” scripts and a soundtrack.

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