EW Staff
June 25, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

WHAT Its opening credits.
MUSTWORTHINESS In murky sepia tones, a horse gallops through mud, poker cards are dealt, and shots of whiskey are poured, while a guitar and fiddle moan softly in the background. For a Western, this ain’t your father’s ”Bonanza”-type entrance.
QUICK DRAW Working with design company A52, exec producer Gregg Fienberg says he and a two-man crew shot the horse footage ”in 20 minutes on the last day of filming the pilot. We didn’t want any traditional sort of Western opening — blazing guns, pictures of the stars. We wanted atmosphere.”
DON’T BUG THEM ”The folks at A52, who also did the credits for HBO’s ‘Carnivale,’ had this great footage of insects swarming all over each other that I really wanted to use, but that just became too abstract: insects as a metaphor for a swarming town? So we agreed on the horse.” As they said in the Mr. Ed theme song: Of course, of course.

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