EW Staff
June 25, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

AGE 29
MUSTWORTHINESS The ”Scrubs” star has gone from sutures to features: He wrote, directed, and starred in ”Garden State” (opening July 30), a quirky, touching comedy that spurred one of the biggest bidding wars at this year’s Sundance festival.
WHEN HE REALIZED HE WAS A CELEBRITY In a drugstore during ”Scrubs”’ first season: ”When you’re in line to buy cough medicine in the middle of the night and some guy is trying to get you to autograph his box of condoms, that’s when you realize your life’s gonna be a little bit different.”
NEXT Cowriting an adaptation of the children’s book ”Andrew Henry’s Meadow” with his brother Adam. Then, season 4 of NBC’s ”Scrubs.”

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