Missy Schwartz
July 09, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Armed with a camera crew, a baseball hat, and a will to provoke, the feisty filmmaker from Flint, Mich., has made a career out of muckraking. Here, EW’s guide to Michael Moore’s indictments of corporate greed, political corruption, and your everyday social injustices.

”ROGER & ME” (1989) In his first documentary, Moore chronicles his unsuccessful (and at times comical) attempts to interview General Motors’ former chairman Roger Smith, whose 1986 closing of GM plants put 30,000 people out of work in Moore’s hometown of Flint.

”THE BIG ONE” (1998) While on tour to promote his first book, the 1996 best-seller ”Downsize This!,” Moore is followed by a camera crew as he attempts to corner American corporate bigwigs like Nike’s Phil Knight, whom Moore urges to open a factory in — yep! –Flint.

”THE AWFUL TRUTH: THE COMPLETE DVD SET” (1999 — 2000) Moore’s second TV venture (after 1994 — 95’s short-lived ”TV Nation”) finds the provocateur on familiar pranksterish turf, sending Crackers the Corporate Crime-Fighting Chicken to Disney World to investigate labor practices, and so on.

”STUPID WHITE MEN…AND OTHER SORRY EXCUSES FOR THE STATE OF THE NATION” (2002) Every bit as in-your-face as his movies, Moore’s diatribe against the Bush government (”old white men wielding martinis and wearing dickies”) became the top-selling nonfiction book of 2002.

”BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE” (2002) In his Oscar-winning film, Moore takes on gun control and America’s culture of fear. Interviewees include Columbine survivors, Kmart execs (the scene in which Moore tries to ”return” used bullets is a classic of sorts), Marilyn Manson, and Charlton Heston.

”DUDE, WHERE’S MY COUNTRY?” (2003) Once again, it’s Moore against Bush and his dickie-sporting colleagues. Moore fills his most recent best-seller with rants aimed at the Iraq war, the Patriot Act, and tax cuts, plus a (semi-) joking call to draft Oprah Winfrey for President.

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