Chris Noth:
Ken Tucker
July 09, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

EW’s TV critic weighs in on the ”Law & Order” debate

Ken, please put an end to the debate: Which ”Law & Order” cast was the best? (Note: Anything Noth-less is just unacceptable.) — Matthew Sosnowsky
Matthew, my man, this is a debate that rages across the country and in my house as well. For me, the dream lineup was, for the cops, Chris Noth (a fan fave and a convincing flatfoot) and Jerry Orbach (yeah, he walked through the last few seasons, but in the mid-’90s he was aces). In the courtroom, I go with Michael Moriarty over Sam Waterston (Moriarty was fascinatingly mannered); in the endless parade of female ADAs (Elisabeth ”The Ice Sculpture” Rohm will likely leave midway through next season), Jill Hennessy displayed a lotta moxie. Now I open it up to you, readers: What is your favorite ”L&O” lineup? Cha-chung!

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