Michelle Kung
July 09, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Show us your…”flying bologna”? Yes, the folks who brought us ”Girls Gone Wild” have just announced another fine product the whole family can enjoy: ”Guys Gone Wild”! The ”hot, but hysterical” companion to the video series that launched a thousand spring breakers promises plenty of man skin for the ladies (In-the-buff football! Naked conga lines!). But who’s really going to shell out $19.99 (starting July 13) for ”Guys Gone Wild”? Creator Joe Francis claims it’s marketed toward women (”Perfect gift for your next bachelorette party!”), but the videos’ copious close-ups of nubile young gents in various states of undress suggest an alternate composition of chromosomes. And Francis has no problem with that: ”We like to be equal-opportunity exploiters.”

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