Courney Love: Louis Lanzano/AP
Gary Susman
July 12, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

On Friday, Courtney Love had the 40th birthday from hell. First, a California court issued a warrant for her arrest because she failed to show that day for her arraignment on charges that she assaulted a woman in April. Later, she was taken from her New York apartment to Bellevue Hospital for what her lawyer described as a ”gynecological” ailment, but what emergency services personnel described as either a miscarriage or the aftermath of an abortion.

Love had been expected in court in Los Angeles to answer a charge that she hit a woman with a bottle and a flashlight in April at the home of Love’s former boyfriend and manager, Jim Barber. (Love has denied the charge.) Her attorney, Michael Rosenstein, told the New York Times that she had mistaken the arraignment for another court date that didn’t require her attendance. (The singer has a number of cases pending in Los Angeles and New York, and she has a history of absences or late appearances in the courtroom.) The judge, however, insisted that there was no excuse for her failure to appear and issued a bench warrant, the Associated Press reports. He also declared Love’s $55,000 bail forfeit and set a new bail of $150,000.

A week earlier, outside a New York court appearance, Love reportedly told a New York Post columnist that she was pregnant, then immediately denied it. But on Friday, the Times reports, an ambulance came to Love’s apartment in response to a 911 call. A fire department spokesperson told the Times the caller had cited a miscarriage, but a police officer told the Times that Love had said she’d had an abortion the day before. ”It is not a suicide attempt, not drug-related, not drug-overdose related,” Rosenstein told AP. ”It’s a gynecological medical condition for which she is receiving treatment.”

Rosenstein told the Post that Love could be discharged from Bellevue as early as Monday, and he said he hoped the New York police wouldn’t rush to arrest Love for extradition to Los Angeles upon her release from the hospital. ”She wants to defend [herself against] the charges, and what she is looking to do now is get back into [California] without going through an arrest, which would be stressful on anyone, much less someone just out of the hospital.”

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