Gary Susman
July 13, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Paramount’s latest prescription: Take two (stone) tablets. According to reports in Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, the studio is planning its third version of ”The Ten Commandments.” The remake-happy studio (whose projects this year and next include versions of its catalog movies ”The Stepford Wives,” ”Alfie,” and ”The Longest Yard”) previously filmed the story of Moses in 1923 and 1956, both directed by Cecil B. DeMille. While it’s natural for filmmakers to jump on the Biblical bandwagon in the wake of ”The Passion of the Christ,” don’t look for DeMille’s glossy mixture of pageantry, sensuality, and special effects this time. Producer Mark Gordon (”The Day After Tomorrow”) and screenwriter Charles Randolph (”The Life of David Gale”) are reportedly planning a version that sticks closer to historical research. In other words, the same truth-behind-the-folklore approach behind this year’s ”Troy” and ”King Arthur.” Let’s just hope the filmmakers don’t toss out the supernatural elements like the makers of those two movies did. We want to see plagues and miracles, guys. Parting waters, pillars of fire, the works.

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