David Koeppel
July 16, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Riddle me this: How can a classic TV series with enduring popularity and Julie Newmar in Catwoman spandex be denied its destiny of deserved DVD distribution? Finding the answer is enough to drive any fan batty. Apparently there are two powerful forces at work in Gotham, and even the dynamic duo may be unable to reconcile them. Fox Home Entertainment owns the rights to the ’60s camp classic that ran for three seasons on ABC, while Warner Bros. (owned by EW parent Time Warner) controls the Dark Knight of comic-book and movie legend. ”There are some rights issues that need to be resolved,” admits Fox’s Steve Feldstein. ”But we’d absolutely love to do it.” So would series star Adam West, who says it’s way past Bat time for a DVD that would include his on-set home movies and Bat Cave commentary. ”It was bigger than life, almost Shakespearean,” says the original Caped Crusader. ”Not many actors get to create a pop-culture icon. There’s Dirty Harry, Captain Kirk, James Bond…and Batman.”

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