Mary-Kate Olsen: Jennifer Graylock/AP
Gary Susman
July 21, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Looks like the Olsen household will be a full house again soon. According to, a source close to Mary-Kate Olsen says that the actress-mini-mogul is coming home this weekend. She’s spent the last six weeks in treatment for what has been widely reported as an eating disorder. The 18-year-old’s publicist, Michael Pagnotta, confirmed to the Associated Press that Olsen is ”doing well” and that supporters can ”expect her to return home soon.”

Olsen’s family acknowledged her health woes in June, shortly after Mary-Kate and sister Ashley’s ”New York Minute” came and went from theaters in a New York minute. During Mary-Kate’s treatment, Ashley canceled a trip to Australia to promote the movie in order to be with her sister, and dairy farmers pulled the ”Got Milk?” ads that featured the teen icons. With her return home, Mary-Kate will be on track to join her twin sister as they prepare to enroll as New York University freshmen this fall.

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