Gary Susman
July 22, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Last weekend, after Las Vegas’ Aladdin casino booted Linda Ronstadt off the stage and out of the hotel for her onstage endorsement of Michael Moore’s ”Fahrenheit 9/11,” Aladdin president Bill Timmins told the Associated Press she was banned from performing there again, saying ”As long as I’m here, she’s not going to play.” But that may not be very long at all. Planet Hollywood is buying the bankrupt casino, and, pending the approval of the Nevada Gaming Commission, the theme-restaurant chain could be running the resort as soon as Sept. 1. On Wednesday, Planet Hollywood CEO Robert Earl wrote an open letter to Ronstadt, inviting her to return to the Aladdin once new management is in place, and even suggesting that she ”take Michael Moore up on his offer to join her on stage to introduce her and sing a song”

Throughout her current tour, Ronstadt has been dedicating the song ”Desperado” to Moore and urging concertgoers to see his movie. She has said that her comments typically divide her audience, but last Saturday at the Aladdin, her remarks led some patrons to throw drinks, rip down her posters, and demand refunds. Moore had protested Ronstadt’s rejection and suggested that the casino make it up to her by inviting her back and having him sing ”America the Beautiful” with her. For her part, Ronstadt said this week, ”I had already said I never want to come back.”

No word on whether Ronstadt or Moore will take Earl up on his offer. But Ronstadt does plan to continue praising Moore during her concerts. On Tuesday, she performed at Hollywood’s Universal Amphitheater (where some 100 patrons had asked for refunds in the wake of the Aladdin controversy, according to the Associated Press), and her opening remark, according to Variety, was ”Seen any good movies lately?” The response was a minute-long ovation.

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