Gary Susman
July 22, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

What do Tom Green and Jerry Springer have in common, besides a penchant for televising freakish spectacles? Apparently, both also have a lot to say about current events. If you think you would find informative a meeting of the minds between the Canadian former MTV prankster and the erstwhile mayor of Cincinnati, your wish has come true. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lions Gate Television is shopping around to cable channels a weekly show to be cohosted by Green and Springer, tentatively titled ”Fairly Unbalanced.” Fox News Channel is probably calling its lawyers already.

”Fairly Unbalanced” would be a week-in-review show where the two would discuss recent headlines and newsmakers and current pop culture in ”a populist way, from the off-center perspective of two larger-than-life, outrageous, irreverent and endearing personalities, who don’t always agree,” Lions Gate Television president Kevin Beggs told the Reporter. ”It will be informative yet entertaining. Just the thought of these two guys together makes you laugh.” Well, we’re not sure if ”laugh” is the word we’d use.

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