Jessica Shaw
July 23, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Every so often, we at EW like to make a difference. So when ”Average Joe”’s Adam Mesh dumped Jen L., the most legit woman to appear on the franchise, we set out to rectify this injustice. Nearly 100 guys (not all freaks! Really!) answered our plea in issue #759, and we’re overjoyed to report that L., formerly the unluckiest girl in love, has her first boyfriend. Thanks to EW. Sort of. His name is Jeff, he sells insurance, and they briefly dated in college: ”He saw me on the show but didn’t do anything until he saw the article [in EW] and then he called me,” says L. ”He’s everything I want in a guy. Isn’t it cute?” Yes, it is. We couldn’t be happier for her. Or prouder of ourselves.

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