Courtney Love: Mike Guastella/
Gary Susman
July 26, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Two weeks after disappearing into a New York hospital for an undisclosed ailment, Courtney Love reemerged on Friday in Los Angeles, appearing in public just long enough to surrender to police on an outstanding arrest warrant, get booked, and post bail. ”She was extremely cooperative. She was pleasant. She was very coherent,” LAPD Capt. Pat Findley told the Associated Press regarding Love’s surrender at Los Angeles’ Wilshire police station. After just 10 minutes, she was freed on $150,000 bond and ordered to appear at an arraignment on Aug. 20.

Love missed her previous arraignment, stemming from a charge of assaulting a woman with a bottle and a flashlight in April. (Love has denied the charge.) When Love failed to appear in a Los Angeles courtroom on Friday, July 9, the judge issued a bench warrant. As it turned out, Love was in New York that day (which was also her 40th birthday), where she was last seen being taken away from her Manhattan apartment in an ambulance. Emergency workers told local newspapers that Love was suffering either from the aftermath of an abortion or a miscarriage, but her attorney, Michael Rosenstein, announced that she was suffering from an unspecified gynecological problem. Tests performed on Love over the weekend at Bellevue Hospital indicated she hadn’t been pregnant, MTV News reported. The following Monday, Love was transferred to another clinic with an undisclosed ailment and hadn’t been seen since.

Love faces two other hearings this week in unrelated cases. On Tuesday, she’s due to be sentenced in Los Angeles on a misdemeanor charge of being under the influence of a controlled substance last October, a charge to which she pleaded guilty in May. On Thursday, she has a pre-trial hearing in Beverly Hills on a charge of illegal possession of prescription painkillers, a charge she has denied.

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