The indie movies to catch before they're gone |


The indie movies to catch before they're gone

Done with summer blockbusters? Here are some independent movies -- all graded B+ or better by Entertainment Weekly's critics -- to check out before they disappear

Riding Giants

(Riding Giants: Erik Aeder)

The indie movies to catch before they’re gone

While moviegoers were stampeding to see the latest exploits of Spidey and Shrek this summer, some smaller movies opened quietly across the country – many of them as thrilling as the big-budget blockbusters. Take, for instance, ”Riding Giants” (above), a documentary about surfing that Entertainment Weekly critic Lisa Schwarzbaum called ”so mellow and cant-free that it may take willpower not to run directly from the theater down to the nearest shoreline.” Luckily, it’s not too late to catch this wave – ”Giants” and other acclaimed independent films are still riding out the summer at arthouses. Read on for reviews of the movies we recommend you see before the season’s end.